Some Common Jobs Around The House

The moment you think what common jobs to make your house better is the start of an exciting adventure in your life. There are tons of things you can do to improve your house and convert it into a home. You probably noticed the wall painting gets old and needs a new vibrant color to fit your current mood or lifestyle. Perhaps the kitchen is too small to cater the needs of your growing family. Maybe you decided to have a garden or improve your garden so your kids will discover nature by his or her own hands. Whatever your unique ideas are they must be cultivated by a strong desire to live in a happy and comfortable house. So the next question is how to get started? We are going to help you learn and understand the nature of these common jobs to make your house better but we will limit it to these famous three: painting, kitchen extension and gardening.

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Painting. Many people consider their house to be their asset while others think it is a reliability but whatever your position on this matter is one thing is common to both; your house needs repainting. Not because it is getting old but maybe it requires vibrant colors to match up with the changes in your mood and personality. For many homeowners painting the house is a tricky business especially when the whole house including details has to be done. They hire painting companies to get the job done in no time and with no effort in their own. But hiring someone will cost you money so we are going to tell you some basic tips, the time frame to finish it and the effort it requires.

Let us dig deeper on the two types of paints available in the market today for residential use. The first one is the water based, also known as latex, and the oil based or enamel paints. Enamel paints has strong smell and dry slow usually taking up to 24 hours or more depending on the thickness of the paint, the surrounding temperature and the brand. Professional painter uses turpentine or paint thinner for easier application.  Latex on the other hand dries fast, has mild scent and doesn’t stick hard to your skin. But latex paints are not ideal for direct sunlight or exposed to extreme environments or high temperatures because the paint easily wear off. There are different types of finishes. Glossy, semi-glossy, satin, egg shell and flat. Remember that it takes longer doing the job than hiring someone because you might get dizzy and slow down at the first day by the smell and unfavorable scent of the paint. So think hard and consider these factors first otherwise you will end up hiring someone to finish the job and cost you more.

Kitchen extension. Kitchen extension ranks first in the house extension by popularity because everyone grows and need additional space to clean, prepare and serve the food. So how will a kitchen extension make the home better? There are three main reasons. It is much cheaper to extend the house than find a new but more expensive one with a bigger kitchen. Second, the house value will increase adding more to its property value. And the last and most important is that it creates additional space to the whole family. Plus it should provide easy access to the garden, TV, dining table and to the living room. Kitchen extension is best done by professionals.

Gardening. Everyone loves to have a garden in their backyard, front yard, in pots, and even next to their entrance doors. So why everyone goes crazy about gardening? There are millions of reasons but the most common are it relieves stress and connects you to mother earth. No wonder why people who are most concern to the environment and the climate change are the ones who do gardening. You do not have to have produce to quality it as a garden. In fact urban settlers usually have a square foot of soil and have their favorite flower or plant. It somehow brings in the countryside living and the green colors relaxes the eyes.

Surely these three common jobs will make your house better.